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Why We Say "You Only Think Your Credit Sucks"

Used Cars Las Vegas has teamed up with local Las Vegas used car dealers to help financially challenged people get into nice used cars and trucks.

We Know that the past couple of years has been financially difficult for a lot of people, especially here in Las Vegas. We have developed a used car financing program that focuses more on your stability rather than your credit score. So even if you have Bad credit, No credit, Past repos, Foreclosures, Bankruptcy, Or even if you are on Social Security disability. We can put you in a nice used cars today!.

All of our used cars go through a safety and mechanical inspection and any problems are repaired or replaced by a licensed mechanic. All vehicles are smog legal.We Provide a free carfax vehicle history report with all of our used cars, trucks, and vans so that you know exactly what you are buying. Not to mention when you buy from us we help rebuild your credit by reporting to the major credit companies.

Easy In House Financing Available

New on the job
Recent Repos
Recent Bankruptcy
Bad Credit
No Credit
Home Foreclosure
Social Security Income
No Drivers License
Short Job Time

Used Car Prices On The Rise

Sad to say but the days of picking up an inexpensive used car for a couple thousand dollars are gone, At least for a while. What is causing this never before seen rise in prices? Well there are many reasons. Lets start with the fact that new car sales are way down which means people are not trading in thier used cars. Another factor is New car leases are way down. Why does this affect the used car prices? Well a certain percent of leases are returned at the end of the lease term and go in to the used car market. So if leases are down then so is the flow of returns to the market. And finally lets not forget about cash for clunkers, Which took thousands of used cars off the roads permanently.

Just to give you an example what it cost us to keep nice used cars on our lot. Cars that we use to be able to pick up at wholesale auction for $1000 to $2000 has now risin to $3000 to $4000. Then we have to safety, Smog and do mechanical repairs, At an average cost of $500 to $1000 per car. So that puts us at an average cost of $4000 to $5000 invested in a basic transportation used car.